undefined reference

I downloaded some libraries and linked them to my compiler.I use Code Blocks.
However it's not working.It says undefined reference to winmain16 all the time.
I am tired of trying to make it work,here's the code if someone has any idea what to do.

#include "genlib.h"
#include <iostream>
#include "simpio.h"

int main() {
cout<<"How much you like c++?";
int howMuch = GetInteger();
for(int i=0; i<howMuch; i++)
cout<<"Soooo much"<<endl;

return 0;

I am not familiar with the two libraries you are using, genlib.h and simpio.h. Try commenting these two lines out, and remove everything from the main. If you still get errors, then you have not created the correct project in code::blocks.
I watched some video and they use libraries.I think the problem is with linking,but I don't know how to do it properly.
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