Socket example / Getting frustrated to find C++ learning resources

Firstly, I appreciate that you start reading this post. I am new to this forum so you may want to pm me if i am doing anything wrongly (such as posting in wrong category).

I am willing to make a online chat function for my friends. However I get into trouble with the winsock.h functions. I don't know how and when to use them. I have tried to google'd but for some reason I can' find a step by step tutorial. It would be great if you can give me one or two websites about this topic, or give me some examples here.

Besides, I know there are lots of important C++ programming concepts. I want to have a checklist to figure out what should I be going to deal with in the coming weeks.

And the last. Is there a book introduced ideas that are suitable for people want to step out from the "beginner grade"? Please let me know if there is no such convenient way to learn programming.

Thanks you for noticing this post.
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I can' find a step by step tutorial

There aren't tutorials out there for everything.
Anyways, socket APIs seem to be written in C mostly so you don't really need any knowledge of C++ to use one. Without more information we can't really help you much. There are several ways to make an online chat program

MSDN is usually a good place to start.
That will probably help me a lot! Thanks for a really quick response!
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