How to install a high precision arithmetical library?

Well for one of my programs I need higher precision then what doubles can provide. So I am wondering how I install a library like this or or this I don't quite understand exactly how to install them. Im using visual studio 2012 ultimate right now.

Thank you for the help :D
Wow you have ultimate and don't know how to install a library? I don't know either but I have express version of the same program. I have been wondering the same thing. It can't be as hard as it looks!
I know right. In the manuals of of those library it says to enter a command. Where do I enter the command to install it....
It is in the terminal. Since you use windows you can search for the program named run, run the program named run. then write cmd in the text box then press enter.


I tried cmd. But it says that it doesn't recognize that as a internal or external command.
1. press your windows button on your keyboard.
2. type cmd.
3. press enter on your keyboard.
A window should pop up.
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That is exactly what I did. Then I typed "./configure make"

Thats what this told me to do

Im really confused
I think the library you are trying to install is for gnu compiler or something. It is not for your compiler. I think you need another library that is for windows.
Maybe this one,
Filiprei, do you think you could make a quick video on how to install it xD. Im really confused right now.

That library says the same thing about ./configure lol

Im extremely confused
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Maybe configure is a file or folder inside of mipir? Have you unzipped the folder, that is a start. Then look for a file called configure. I can't make a video about it because im not sure how to do it myself.
I found it but I dont know how to run it lol. And I would prefer GMP but I will try to install mirpir first xD
Use mpir, gmp is not made for windows.
oooo ok.
I tried to do it now myself but it was too much work. If it is something nice and easy you should consider python. In python it is automatic. The numbers can have over a thousand digits :)
Its not that nice and easy xD. Its pretty complex algorithm and im far to lazy to rewrite it all in python. Well ty for your help :D I guess ill keep researching
You can use this link,
but as i said it is pretty hard just installing it...
Alright thank you :D
Please tell me if it worked :)
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