I am currently working on a program that i have to get the number of tests someone has taken,then find the average of the exams,and then return it to main.
Thank you
Sounds like a manageable project. I'm glad you have an interest in programming. Good luck!
i did everything but im not sure how to do the function
Tutorial on functions :

If you need more specific help, then please explain.
specifics would be: I have to ask how many tests theyve taken so I would make tests an int would i do that before or after main for the function, and then how would I ask what the user got on each test if i dont know how many tests they took? I think a loop but im not sure how to do that.
you could make ur ints before and after main if you want to, whatch buckys youtube vids on functions if chervils link doesnt help he pretty much just spells it out fur you, classes could help to if you feel up to it
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