Some Questions That I Have

Hello I am new to the forum and to C++ I am going to be teaching myself and hope to make some 2d games in the style of Mario i was wondering i have done some Programming before (LUA and JAVA mostley off of youtube videos)

1.Where do you type the code is there a special thing i need to buy.

2.What is a good game engine for 2D games

3.How long does it take to learn C++

Thanks For Your Help

1. Any text editor will do, allthough you'll want to go with something with basic development features, such as colour-coding. I prefer vim.

2. Allegro, SDL and SFML are all good libraries for game development

3. That depends entirely on you:) It depends on your background, how much time you put into it, etc.
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1) We use things called IDE. Like Code::Blocks, Eclipse, NEtBeans, Visual Studio and others.

2) Had never interested in those. Google is your best friend, I suppose.

Thanks Guys for the help
I like the cartoon MiiNiPaa the thought of learning c++ in 21 days is an absolute joke......variables program flow and functions would be about all at an absolute MOST you could do
Great article about how long programing takes to learn called: "Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years"
Hey SgtRail

1)What you type your code in so they can be converted into .EXE files are called in IDE. (Intergrated Development Environment) You can think of it like Microsoft word or any other program you would use that have all those features that you can use to make your papers look fancy and organized. There are free ones and ones that you can buy. Before you ask which one should you get. It doesn't matter choice one. Learn with it then when you get to a point where it either starts to hold you down or not then find a better one.

2) There is no such thing has a good 2d engine . its more about does it do want you need it to do. then if yes great, if no then find one that does.

3) Well to answer your question the time it will take to do want you want depends on how serious you are about it. If you are very serious then you can learn it in a few months and make your mario style game in less than a year. or even in a few months. The real question you should be asking is do you have the determination to stick through it none stop and never give up. If you can say yes then you will ask much results as you put in.

@ Oria replies like are not complete nonsense and all it does is send a false message to the person asking the question.

1) those annoying articles assume that people all have the same abilities which people seem to not get that this is not true

2) that the person wants to work at the speed of the class waste tons of time going through courses ( hence why he said teach himself)

3) the whole how to book thing is completely stupid. See as at university you also buy books ( ofc you wouldn't reply on the how-to books ) Not only that but you can buy all the books they use in university without actually going to one.

4) most of what you learn in programing is from actually programming not instructions there are book at the university level that offer you (projects to do, excerises and assignments to do if you can't make up your own. Not only that but they also provide a solution to them all.)

I had so many other things to say to your annoying reply but I can't be bothered to remember them.

Man so many spelling mistakes x_x
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Ive been getting books about C++ i hope to understand the concept of it by summer and start my Mario type game
I wish you all the best. Send me a message if you ever need anything and when you finish the game I would love to play it :)
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