New to scripting

Hello I am new to c++ script writing and I am working on a 3D fighting game and would like to know a some things about scripting for video games...

1. How do I start off my script?

2. Is it the same starting line as a webpage or not? ( I know, dumb question to ask)

3. What do codes should I include in my script? or Where would be a great place to look for that?

4. Do I need a script if I am making a 3D animation of a commercial? or for a commercial?

I am using a few different game engines and 3D modeling software on windows 7 OS by the way.

Any and all recommendations would be helpful. Also, I have tried to look up books, but those were hard to obtain since those stores were not in my area.
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You never need to use scripting. It's just that it can make certain things easier. First you have to know why you want to have scripting and what it should do. You also need to decide what scripting language you want to use or implement your own. Lua is seems to be quite popular.
I did not know I could make my own. Thank you for telling me and oh...I have a lot to learn, hm? I always thought games needed scripts since the ones I have seen had them.
Games usually do use scripts, especially the big ones. Scripting is generally for upper level control though (Game Designers) and C and C++ (and maybe some Assembly) are lower level (Game Programmers).
Oh, I thought so. I did not know that...I thought they were all the same? Hm, I am learning new things from this site. I thank you cnoeval :)
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