answer this?

If the size of integer is 4bytes, What will be the output of the program?
int main()
int arr[]={12,13,14,15,16};
return 0;
A.10,2,4 B.20,4,4 C. 16,2,2 D.20,2,2
n/a, the code won't compile.


Getting around the compiler error, you should still be able to figure out the answer the teacher expects because of the other two sizeofs()
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I have to check by the C++ Standard but I think that a compilation error shall be issuied.
In my opinion the problem that arrays are not implicitly converted to pointers in the sizeof operator. So this expression sizeof( arr[] ) is incorrect because arr[] is an incomplete type.
But one more I have to check this by the C++ Standard.
E. Compile error.
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