Minesweeper game complete - would like advice on improving it

I was assigned to make a simple minesweeper game for Uni. I decided to go a little further than the criteria because of course that's how you get the good grades! I finally have a functional game that I'm kind of happy with.

It has two game modes: Normal & Advanced

Normal mode = Choice of Easy, Medium, Hard - all games use fixed array sizes, bombs, no of tries etc.

Advanced mode = Variable number of bombs and number of tries. With the option of 3 different predefined grid sizes - I don't understand dynamic arrays so obviously there is a lot more code than there needs to be... Each option is in it's own source file!

As you can guess the code is very sloppy. I failed in trying to use dynamic arrays and I had a lot of trouble controlling the flow of everything, so I just separated most of the different 'games' into separate sources files, using static arrays but variable 'number of bombs' etc for the advanced mode. It works, but it's not really 1st class work.

The hand-in date was this Friday gone but of course everything shuts down here in the UK when we get a bit of snow... so the hand-in is now on Monday!

This gives me time to try and clean the code up a bit, but It's honestly beyond my knowledge.

Is anyone willing to take a look at my VS solution and give me some feedback? I know it's bad alright! ;)

I would like to implement dynamic arrays, this would cut the amount of code down by an order of magnitude! Also, some sort of save game feature was in my original design but I ran out of time and haven't even begun to research I/O of files and variables.

Please tell me to where to go if you think I'm asking too much!


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