New to C# coding

I have this code and realized that it has the same numbers as some other C# files i have, but never understood what the 6 and 7 meant....

class Net
public int _value = 6;

class Perl : Net
public new int _value = 7;
public void Write()

may someone tell me please what they stand for?
They don't stand for anything. Its a demonstration of what is possible.

BTW: The boards here are for C++, not C#...

two different languages.
The code is invalid because there is no such construction as

public new int _value = 7;

neither in C++ nor in C#.

thank you pogrady i was confused...i have more to learn than i thought.
oh, it is on this site where i am trying to learn c# coding. i guess it is not a great reference site then, hm? i will send it to you vlad
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