Printing results to a spreadsheet

Hi guys,

I'm trying to start a new project just to further my skills at programming and thought I might have a go at making my own little program that takes input and records all my income and expenses and then has the ability to report this data if i choose.

I am still planning it all out and writing stuff down on paper but I wanted to know, is it possible to have my program to output results or stored info (say from an array/vector for example) into a spreadsheet in the form of an excel file? In terms of storing data once the program is ended, I plan on using text files, is this the best way?

All responses are greatly appreciated and if you have any ideas on better ways that I can achieve what I want, let me know!

in the form of an excel file?

OOXML is the pain to parse. How about CSV ( It's simple, compatible with Excel and easy to use.
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Sounds interesting, I have heard of CSV...that is the file type used for saving address books and such for email clients right? I'll give it a go, thanks!
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