Please I need help

Please help

I have this book programming for dummies and they gave a code I want to make sure the code is good and how do I see it on screen here is the code:
#include <iostream>
#include <stdio.h>
int main ()
cout << "It works!\n";
cout << "\nPress ENTER to contiune..." << endl;
return 0;

Am I writing it right and what button do I push to see it and and is the code right??? I have no idea how to see what I wrote what do I press so new to this and I am scared.
..are ya using a compiler? can you click build?

did you receive any sort of documentation with your software?

btw the code itself looks solid, although I rarely mess with stdio.h.. if you remove "#include <stdio.h>" and "getchar();" you may find it still does what you want on execution.
I am using Dev C++ it came with the Programming for Dummies.
So.. open the dev program, go to new, start a new project, and create a new source file, put the code in there and click build, then run.
It says source file not complied after hitting run and I dont see a build button anywhere.
there's gotta be a build or compile button.. on mine it's right next to run. do you have an active workspace open?
I hit it and it is not letting me, they are saying line number 5
5 C:\Users\\Desktop\Seeifworks.cpp `cout' undeclared (first use this function)
(Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in.)
6 C:\Users\\Desktop\Seeifworks.cpp `endl' undeclared (first use this function)

I have no idea what this means and do I need a new complier?
ah no
try inserting this statement right after your # command lines

using namespace std;

see what is says then
also if you get rid of "getchar();" (which i swear you may not need)
and replace these two lines:

cout << "It works!\n";
cout << "\nPress ENTER to contiune..." << endl;

with this one:

cout << "It works!\n\nPress ENTER to continue\n";

should be equivalent and then you won't need to include #include <stdio.h>
No good at all, I need a new baking sheet or a place to put this code down, a complier, do you know any that are free? Because it is because of that!
hmm. it really should work if all the include and header files are in the right place.. could ya post the code with "using namespace std;" included and exactly what the errors are when you try to compile. Here's what i'd try.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
cout << "It works!\n\nPress ENTER to continue\n";
return 0;

if it won't compile that code exactly then yeah you've got a problem with something else
and if there's a free compiler out there let me know lol I'd love to have it I am using educational version but can't legally distribute the executables developed with it
It works I wish they would have placed that before and Thank you very much!!!
glad to be helpful :3 yeah I totally had issues with my compiler at first.. I'll keep checkin this topic in case ya run into something else
Btw one last thing:

What does:

using namespace std;

my understanding is it tells the compiler to reference elements from the c++ std library.. Some people don't use it, instead prefixing certain statements with std:: (e.g: "std::cout << string;" instead of "using namespace std; cout << string;")
however, if you use cin, cout, and other std library entities more than once or twice in your program, it makes the code look kinda bleh to me, so just use:
"using namespace std;" and you won't have to worry about saying "std::" before everything
hope that made sense lol I don't know that much about it
You know more than me and I am more of a noob but all good we all have to start somewhere to be princes of the universe :-D
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