Paths in makefile

In an effort to try to learn makefiles I wrote this (the tabs are there but it doesn't show)
C = $(CXX)
CFLAGS = -g -Wall -Wextra -I$(SRC_DIR) -std=c++0x

SRC_DIR = src
BIN_DIR = bin
OBJ_DIR = obj

vpath %.cpp $(SRC_DIR)
vpath %.h $(SRC_DIR)
vpath %.o $(OBJ_DIR)

GPATH = src obj

SRC = main.cpp resources.cpp ui.cpp
OBJ = $(SRC:.cpp=.o)

.PHONY: clean all

all: $(OBJ)
$C -o $(BIN_DIR)/exe $^

main.o: main.cpp defaults.h
$C -c $< -o $(OBJ_DIR)/$@ $(CFLAGS)

resources.o: resources.cpp resources.h
$C -c $< -o $(OBJ_DIR)/$@ $(CFLAGS)

ui.o: ui.cpp ui.h defaults.h
$C -c $< -o $(OBJ_DIR)/$@ $(CFLAGS)

rm -f $(OBJ_DIR)/*.o

The project looks like this

| \-executable
| \-files.o
| |-files.cpp
| \-files.h

When I run make and the obj directory is empty it compiles all the .cpp files and places them in $(OBJ_DIR)/$@ -> obj/file.o
However when it is time to execute the all target, g++ doesn't find .o files, because $^ contains only the files without the directory prepended
According to this is the intended behavior (though not what I want at all) and it says I can modify it using the GPATH variable, which I set but doesn't seem to do its job
Notes: if I run make again it finds the files in the obj directory, and since they don't need to be recompiled the path is preserved, so I can't even modify all to be
$C -o $(BIN_DIR)/exe $(addprefix $(OBJ_DIR)/$^)
A first invocation of make would build and link the files correctly, but the second time it would try to link obj/obj/file.o and fail

What am I doing wrong?
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