Good books

I've been looking at programming for quite a few months now, I've experimented with java, javascript, python/pygame, c# and finally c++. I definitely know that I want to use c++, for what? I mainly think game programming, but alas at such a young age i'm not fully sure. I want to take what I know with c++ to a higher level, I know and am willing to put in effort and practice. So what I want from you is if you know any good books on c++, that will teach someone that has little to no knowledge
of c++, a book that doesn't use to many bad habits or teach incorrectly. Please state the reason you choose this book, the cost and best place to buy.

thanks for any and all contributions.
,thanks Turtley
To Start, I would suggest this book:

Its on sale right now, so good time to get.

if you wish to get into game programing, you might want to get some good algorithm and game math/physics Books. There's more to programing then the language you use.

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