Graphic simulation

Hi everyone,
I feel like I'm already quite comfortable with programming in the command prompt, and I can also make programs with standard windows-buttons etc. So I thought it would be time to take on a new challenge.

I want to make some kind of simulation of the physical world, like simulating a basic bridge, just in 2D for now. The laws of physics I would need are not unknown to me, so that wouldn't be a problem.

However, I don't have any idea where to start... I could just let the user input a ton of numbers, and do some calculations, but that's not much of a useful program. It would be best to get some kind of visual representation, like using lines for representing bridge segments, and letting them change color depending on how much they're put under stress.

Would this be too hard to program for me now, or do you think it's worth trying? Where can I find good tutorials teaching this kind of graphic simulations? What aspects of the C++ language would I have to learn in order to do this?

Sorry for the long post :P
You should look for the libraries which helps you to draw graphich and process user input. For example you can search for SDL.
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