I am beginner and i really want to learn C++ well so I picked a book which seemed as the best book for me to start. It is "Teach yourself C++ in 21 days". I like that book and i think that i learned a lot from it and I know that there is no way that I am going to learn C++ in 21 days but I have some basics. But my question now is that where to continue? I am at 21. day and I really would appreciate if someone can offer me some book or would tell me what to do next.

I was studying C++ in two ways. I read a book and from time to time when I didn t understand something I looked it up on youtube. There is a lots of tutorials. Do you thing that it s a good way to learn C++.

Also as you probably know it s all about console application and I was wondering that when should I start to study windows application? Everywhere where I was reading on forums and so they said that it is better to learn console first so I started with console.

And my last question would be if it isn t little to late to start to study C++ in the age of 21???
And sorry for my English. It is not my native language.

Thank you for all suggestions. I appreciate it.
It's impossible to tell from your message what you have or haven't learned in 21 days. IMO, no book can teach your C++ in 21 days.

What kinds of programs have you written? Do you understand and can effectively use classes, inheiritance, polymorphisim and the Standard Template Library (STL)? I wouldn't recommend starting Windowns programming in C++ until you at least understand classes and inheiritance.

Try writing a console game using multiple classes.

And no, 21 is not to late to start.
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thank AbstractionAnon.

OK so till now i learned something about functions, variables and constants, if statement, classes, inheititance, polymorphisim, for , do while, pointers, templates, fields, references, try catch, I can work with files at least to make header file and txt file to save some data when program is finished , a little about vectors, and i still struggle a little with operator overloading, and temlates so I don t use them if I don t have to.

And yeah I know that I need to practice a lot and 21 days is nothing and i study for abou 2 months right now but the book`s name is " teach yourself C++ in 21 days". And I did some basic program on my own but in my opinion it s really messi but whenever something didn t work I improvised and used things I knew.

I would suggest looking at and picking up from where your book ended. You could also do as AbstractionAnon says and try building some console based games/programs before you start with graphical applications, looking up tutorials and documentations on what you need as you go. Working on projects is a great way of expanding your programming skills!

I myself am 20 and just started with C++, but I have the learning process experience from other languages :) Right now I am planning on building a tetris game in C++ when I get the time! :D

Good luck!
yeah MiiNiPaa I ve seen this picture many times and it s hilarious, but it doesn t necessarily means that the book is bad does it?? The name should be different but book is ok i would say.

thank you Adra for posting that website i will definitely go through it but I was hoping more for a some book but this helps too.. and yeah I would love to participate on some projects to help others but I am not sure if I am ready to do some work with my "skills".
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No the book is not a bad book. The title is a bit misleading but overall I would say it is a decent book.

If you looking for more books to get I would recommend you get a reference book that you can look to when you get stuck on something and that has basically everything about C++ in it. I would recommend the C++ Primer (5th Edition I think it is now?) it is a well rounded book for beginners/intermediate programmers and is up to date with the new C++11 I believe.

And depending on what your interests are I would consider getting books about them. I mean there are many different types of C++ programming. There is network, AI, graphics, audio, databases, game engines, and on and on. So figure out what you want to learn next there is always more to learn.

I would also recommend getting a book that teaches you advanced object oriented programming. You will need to understand OOP for you to make most programs.

And last but the most important, PROGRAM ALL YOU CAN. The best way to learn is to keep programming. Create new applications even if they are easy little ones. Just keep working and coming out with new programs, games, apps whatever. And remember to keep working on them till they are finished and then save them for your portfolio.
Thank you Zereo I am trying to do my best every day.. and almost everyday I learn something new.. I made some programs and it is pretty cool to see what I can do with things I already know even though it is not that much.

Now i am making something that you have to take care of pet and it has energy, hunger, happines and so and you need to fill it if it is less then 100 and so on .. but I don t know how to make something to do every 10 sec forexample.. please someone help .... thanx
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