Can't compile and run code twice in code blocks..

So.. I've been programming for a while now.. in code blocks.. and when i wanna build and run a same or a different code.. sometimes it just pops out and error saying he cant access my project.. I've placed it in the code blocks folder.. i ran it as an admin.. and nothing.. sometimes it still doesn't wanna run it.. it happened to me in dev c++ too.. any help ?
any help ?

Something more informative than "I tried, but I can't" is probably called for here. The crystal ball isn't working well this week.
Have you checked that your program is'nt still running?
I just make a code that i wanna run.. and i run it.. the second time i wanna run it.. it fails.. pops error saying he cant access the project im working on.. :S
Post your program, Then someone may be able to find the problem.
If you are working on a laptop or personal computer, make sure the project is saved in the public folder. Sometimes codeBlocks won't recognize it if it is under a specific user's directory.
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