C programming Query

I am new and I would like to ask that what are the benefits of C training,What all topics should be covered in it?
And has anyone studied from this course www.wiziq.com/course/2118-learn-how-to-program-in-c-language Online Course of C tutorial online?? or tell me any other way.
I see that I am facing the option of choosing either C++ object oriented programming or java programming. Are there some advantages of one language over the other? Which one is optimal? Which one is more "future proof"? Would it be optimal to know both? If so, which order? I am a little confused on the subject. A little enlightenment could help. Thank
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Different languages exist because they have different uses. No one language is the 'best' or 'do-all' language, you just have to learn several languages and be familiar with them.

I personally started with C++ and then learned Java, then explored other things like Python, Lisp, etc.

Decide on what you want to do with programming and pick your first language based on that.
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