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can someone explain to me what is fread and its equivalent in c++?

can someone translate this program to c++ for me? is in c

#include <iostream>
#include <cstdlib>
#include <cstdio>
using namespace std;

# define R 242
# define C 308
typedef unsigned char luma;

void leggiimagine (luma immagine[R][C], const char filename [21]);
void leggi_immagine(luma immagine[R][C], const char filename[21]);
void scrivi_immagine(luma immagine[R][C], const char filename[21]);
void filtro_mediano(const luma originale[R][C], luma filtrata[R][C]);
luma mediana(luma blocco[3][3]);

void main(){

char input[21], output[21];
luma originale[R][C], filtrata[R][C];

//Lettura immagine
printf("Inserire il nome dell'immagine (max 20 caratteri): ");
scanf("%s", input);
printf("Inserire il nome dell'immagine filtrata (max 20 caratteri): ");
scanf("%s", output);

leggi_immagine(originale, input);

//Filtraggio mediano
filtro_mediano(originale, filtrata);

//Scrittura immagine
scrivi_immagine(filtrata, output);


void leggi_immagine(luma immagine[R][C], const char filename[21]){

FILE *fp;
int r;

if(!(fp = fopen(filename, "rb"))){
fprintf(stderr, "File %s non esistente\n", filename);

for(r = 0; r < R; r++)
fread(immagine[r], sizeof(luma), C, fp);



void scrivi_immagine(luma immagine[R][C], const char filename[21]){

FILE *fp;
int r;

if(!(fp = fopen(filename, "wb"))){
fprintf(stderr, "Impossible aprire %s\n", filename);

for(r = 0; r < R; r++)
fwrite(immagine[r], sizeof(luma), C, fp);



void filtro_mediano(const luma originale[R][C], luma filtrata[R][C]){

int r, c;
luma blocco[3][3];

//Filtraggio mediano bordi
for(r = 1; r < R - 1; r++){
for(c = 1; c < C - 1; c++){
blocco[0][0] = originale[r-1][c-1];
blocco[0][1] = originale[r-1][c];
blocco[0][2] = originale[r-1][c+1];
blocco[1][0] = originale[r][c-1];
blocco[1][1] = originale[r][c];
blocco[1][2] = originale[r][c+1];
blocco[2][0] = originale[r+1][c-1];
blocco[2][1] = originale[r+1][c];
blocco[2][2] = originale[r+1][c+1];
filtrata[r][c] = mediana(blocco);

//Padding prima e ultima riga
for(c = 0; c < C; c++){
filtrata[0][c] = originale[0][c];
filtrata[R-1][c] = originale[R-1][c];

//Padding prima e ultima colonna
for(r = 0; r < R; r++){
filtrata[r][0] = originale[r][0];
filtrata[r][C-1] = originale[r][C-1];


luma mediana(luma blocco[3][3]){

int maggiori, minori, n = 9, i, mediana;
luma *puntatore1 = &(blocco[0][0]);
luma *puntatore2 = &(blocco[0][0]);


maggiori = 0;
minori = 0;

for(i = 0, puntatore2 = &blocco[0][0]; i < n; i++, puntatore2++){
if(*puntatore1 > *puntatore2)
else if(*puntatore1 < *puntatore2)

mediana = *puntatore1;


}while(!(((minori <= (n-1)/2) && (maggiori <= n/2)) ||
((maggiori <= (n - 1)/2) && (minori <= n/2))));

return mediana;

can you explain in short the equivalente of fread in c++? in 4 o 5 it equal to using the fstream in c++? opening and closinf files? thanks
C++ fstreams are the object-oriented wrappers for C's file I/O. As long as you don't mix them, you can use whichever you want in C++. The C standard library is part of C++.

Why do you want to change this code to use C++ streams instead of C streams?
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I want to change because am learning c++ not C...but here we are at learning how to remove salt and pepper noise from an image and the good teacher decided it was all right to give us the example in C...although we've been learning c++.....I just dont have the time to go back learning C...exams is in 3 weeks...if i can have the code in c++, i can learn quickly my thing and later on in life worry about how to do it too in c...thanks...
It's not much different in C++, it just looks prettier. Also, converting this from C to C++ sounds a lot like an assignment, and I'm not at liberty to do an assignment for someone else. Even if this isn't an assignment, your teacher probably doesn't want you to focus too much on the file I/O, just the algorithm.
IS NOT AN ASSIGNMENT!!! why should you tell me what is it? am learning on my own...! is it normal to you to be studying c and c++ at the same time? IS NOT AN ASSIGNMENT! IF you wont help move on...!!! am saying am into c++ never been in c...i have to to this salt and pepper correction thing in c++ but unfortunately this was given as an example..but is in c...if you cant help just roll...pffffffffffff am asking for the code to be translated in i see the procedure because reading the thing in c doesnt make much sense to me cause i don't know c syntax although similar..but i still dont know it..thats all...
it just funny why you want to take the liberty to tell me what is good for helping hand..but talking loads..thats what you doing..soo annoying
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Calm down; panicking doesn't help. I'm being completely and utterly useless because this is something you need to learn. Learning C++ involves learning how to read and possibly convert to/from C code; it is actually an important skill that people pay for.

If I just did it for you for free, it wouldn't help you in any way. You need to learn the process of looking up the thing in C and figuring out what the equivalent C++ code is. The very first post I gave you did this for you, you just needed to connect the dots and apply it to this.

You can't expect people to go out of their way to make your life easier, unless they're your parents, in which case that's their job.

Also, read my posts slowly - it seems like you just skimmed my last post out of frustration.
SO LEMME PUT IT THIS WAY...the teacher should have loaded the example in c++...but he was not having a copy in c++ so he loaded a copy in C online...can you help? why dont you just help instead of minding too much of my business? hahahahaha
anyway thank you for wasting my driving to my friends place...was thinking i would have gotten help from here....thanks again..mtfck!!!
Your kindness will surely get you a lot of answers.
Did you ever use fstreams? If yes then you can get the conversion done within tonight.
fopen() is like fstream::open(). The string is the equivalent of openmode flags
fread() is like fstream::read(), except fread can read data of any width, not only chars.
You get the idea? It wasn't hard, was it?
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hahaha thank you maeriden...sorry but L B was really getting me are the right talking too much..straight to the point..practical people..thanks... :D am already seeing some light...thanks again
I just followed the links he posted to check the difference in parameters. I never touched file IO in C but it took me 5 minutes. Usually I would have replied in the same way as LB but I went out of my way a little since we're from the same country. I can understand being frustrated at bad teachers but honestly you didn't deserve the help after those replies.
OK am sorry i bow down my head in mean you're in italy? oh davvero? hehe
Yep. It's also written in my profile. In your case your variable names gave you away instantly.
yeah i checked ;) Daniele..cmq sono al primo anno di ingegneria informatica al politecnico di milano...Mi chiamo Michael ;) piacere..cmq non sono italiano eh ;) anche se vivo in italia da un bel po'
Ah, mi spiace. Vivere in Italia è una cosa che non auguro mai a nessuno. Anzi ti è andata bene che sei a Milano, io vivo in terronia. Ho buttato tre anni nella schifosa ingegneria informatica che abbiamo qua senza manco dare un esame.
oh ma xk schifosa? non ho capito...che è successo? cmq penso di andare al estero dopo la spiegami un po'...che ti è successo?
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Programma a mio parere poco efficiente (analisi1 12 crediti e analisi2 6 crediti, obbligatorie. All'università di Padova analisi1 è 9 crediti e analisi2 è facoltativa). Va bene che la matematica serve, però io volevo programmare cazzo.
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Oltretutto ci stavo 40 minuti ad arrivare e le lezioni erano sempre alle 8 di mattina. Non sono mai stato famoso per sapermi alzare presto.
ah però!...che situazione! al politecnico stiamo cosi bene, abbiamo tutto e di più..minkia...mi dispiace tanto... ma che uni è?
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