Another person to work with me?

Helllooo there.
I've always had trouble working out how to format my code,specifcally in this text
based rpg that I'm making. Instead of posting my problem below I was wondering if anyone could maybe add me on skype or any other form of comunication and help me out or team up with me to create a new game. I thought it would be great working with someone else on a game, i would learn so much.

If you care to do this please comment and i will provide my details. Thankyou!
Hmm... If you're worried about people stealing your code then you can copy/paste the portions that are giving you problems and we'd be happy to help here.
Personally I'm not looking to get in on a project now and am on this site to learn code while hopefully helping others do the same. Feel free to PM me and I'd be happy to help from there if I can, but I'm a bit slow on returning PM's and can get long-winded in my posts.

If you don't know how to PM on this site then click on my name as an example. At the bottom of my account page is a little link saying something like;
[Send Private Message to user "newbieg"] will then ask you to activate your own PM on your account before sending out one. (or something along those lines)
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Im intrigued, and I'll PM you (if I can- never tried to PM on this website before), or alternatively, post your email.
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