Coding an OS (stupid topic But give it a chance)

I am going to try to make a os from scratch (I know you laughing in your head) Well i wanted to know what is the basic struture of a os. also where is a good site for a Assembly Language. also is there a good os out there with its source code cuz i learn from looking a examples of code and seeing what each little thing does.

Well im ready for a comment like you cant or its out of your reach but give me the resources and ill make a OS up par with mac and windows thats my plan by the time i die lol. :-P
is there a good os out there with its source code
Ever heard about linux?
Hey, yes I have don't really like how it works but I like some features in it but I'm a windows fan tell windows 8 came out ugh >:( so ya sorry I didn't reply sooner I thought it would email me if some on replayed lol so ya where can I get Linux source code from the boot to the interface. I found windows source code but not all of it cuz of copyrights but ya I think this would be up your alley
I hope you already bookmarked - that's probably the most supportive resource for hobbyist OS development.
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