Good books after clearing the fundamental of c++

Hy every one.I'm student of Masters first year.I have completed completed book named "Object Oriented Programming with C++" written by E.Balagurusamy. This book covers fundamental concepts of c++. I got some interest in C++. I urge you to suggest me some best books for beginners to extend his/her coding level. Suggest me best books for Algorithms with C++ and network also. I want your suggestion about the future in this programming language. Which kind of jobs are offered in C++ ? and what how can person who is from small city can find good job in c++ with good pay ? Thank you.
The book of Mr. Balagurusamy is mainly theory based. You need to do a lot more coding to be efficient. You should try "Teach Yourself C++" by Herbert Schildt or "How to program C++" by Deitel Deitel . By practicing more and more , you can improve yourself. If you want to understand the data structure and algorithms , follow the book of coreman "Introduction to Algorithms" or "Algorithms in C++" by Robert Sedgwick. And take help from the internet . This will help you to ease things.
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Okay.Thanks for the help.I stuck my self by online help.I can't judge which kind of sides is helpful to improve programming.This problem is just because i am beginner. It will be help full to me if you suggest also some good web portals which really improve your programming skills.
I gone throw index of "Teach your self C++" by H.S. But i think it is same as book written by E.B.I'm impressed with the book written by D.D. the"How to Program in C++".
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