Help with Craps.. Still not Understanding

We must create a craps game...
The teacher suggest we use the following as a plan to attack:

0. Use two global variables to represent the dice.
1. Define local variables
3. Lost Flag [boolean]
4. Won Flag [boolean]
5. Holds point "target" which has to be re-rolled to win [int]
6. Holds value of re-rolls [int]
7. seed random number generator
8. generate first die roll [store result to point variable]
9. show results to console window
10. check if lost on first roll [set lost flag]
11. check if won on first roll [set won flag]
12. while we haven’t won or lost loop to re-roll until point is made or we crap out
0. display point
1. hold console window open
2. roll and show dice [store result to point variable]
3. check if roll is equal to point [set won flag]
4. check if we crapped out [set lose flag]
8. display loss status if lost
9. display won status if won

My Code is Nothing like that: The following is my code:

//Christy Windham
#include <iostream>
#include <ctime>
#include <cstdlib>
using namespace std;

int GetRandom(int a, int b)
int r;
return (r);

int main()
int dieOne = 0;
int dieTwo = 0;
int roll = 0;
int point = 0;
int win = 0;
int loss = 0;
double odds = 0;
srand((unsigned int)time(NULL));

dieOne = (rand()%6)+1; //Creates dice
dieTwo = (rand()%6)+1;
roll = dieOne + dieTwo;

cout<<dieOne<<" plus "<<dieTwo<<" = "<<roll<<endl; //Prints random dice numbers to screen

if(roll==7 || roll==11) //Win on first roll
else if (roll==2 || roll==3 || roll==12)// Lose on first roll
else if (roll==4 || roll==5 || roll==6 || roll==8 || roll==9 roll==10)
point=roll;//point set

dieOne=(rand()%6)+1;//rolls dice again

cout<<dieOne<<" plus "<<dieTwo<<" = "<<roll<<endl;

if(roll==point)//wins if player rolls point
else if(roll==7)//lose if player rolls 7
else if(roll!=7 && roll!=point) //nothing otherwise

}while(roll!=point && roll!=7);//keep going until point or 7 is rolled

That is nothing like he wants it though. Fisrt I must make a function to create random numbers when the dice is rolled. For instance, if a number is passed through that function it will give me a random result.

He wants this in the program basically:

Show that you can create a function that generates a random number from
1 to n and return the generated random number. Also show that you can display
the random number returned by this function to the console window.

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