Looking for some assistance with C++

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Hello everyone im new to this forum,

My names Matt and im interested to see if anyone can help me out with 4 programs i have to for my school assignment. These are the last four assignments before i can complete this class. If anyone could help me out that would be fantastic. please feel free to email me ponjevicm1@gmail.com as i fear that my instructors may search the forums and threads to see if i was aided in completing the programs, im in desperate need for assistance. I have until april which is the deadline to finish these last four assignments.

Thanks everyone :)
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Post what you have so far and we'll help you.

Do not expect people to help you in private. It is better if this is public; if someone else has the same problems and they search and find this, it will help them more than to see that you got private help.
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1. Write a program to manage DVD rental in a video rental store. Create an abstract data type that represents a DVD in this store. Consider all the data and operations that may be necessary for the DVD type to work well within a rental management system. Include a print() member function that displays all the information about the DVD. Test your data type by creating an array of ten DVD instances and filling them using information read from a test input file that you create. Display the DVD information.

Understandable here's my first assignment.
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