Understanding the computer internally?

Ok sorry i dont need any help with code but i was thinking if i got a better understanding of whats going on inside the computer it might help me with programming, since sometimes people tell me about heap and stack and bytes and all that sometimes i just want to scream because i dont really understand. So is there any free resources that can help me lear that stuff? and learn about what the computer does internally and how memory works and all that?
I would say.. google. Really, all of the resources you need are right in front of you, but you just need to look closely. I use assembly occasionally to accomplish what you're referring to.. but that's also subjective.

What specifically are you looking to gain more insight into? There are many ways that this question could be answered. Computers are not single platform, single architecture and single chipsets.. there are innumerable variations depending on the application.
I want to learn how to use C++ efficiently, especially when working with memory. I hope to gain knowledge of stack, heap, memory management, etc. Anything and everything that will help me learn C++.
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