Cubic Equation Solver with output

Hey guys. I need some help to make this program. It should work for every cubic equation (only one unknown) and solve it with desired method -bisection, secant or newton- with outputing every step. It'll be a Win32 console application. I'm just new at C++ and my professor gave this homework to class..

I don't expect an entire source code, even some tips would be helpful I guess.
Thanks in advance :)
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No ideas? :/
It's hard to give tips without seeing what you've written and how you've tried to approach the problem... What ideas did you have, and how did you try to implement them?
The problem is that I couldn't even approached it :D It's our just third homework and we have just 3-4 week experience on coding. So this is a bit harsh.. One of our university's mathematicians put forward this homework idea. I think noone has been able to do something :D
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