Write a program which will get 10 random numbers onto one array1 of size 10. Get 10 more random numbers and place them in array2 of size 10. The range of the numbers should be 1-10 only (no zero).

Ask for the names of two players.

The first array is for first player. The second array is for second player. You will compare the numbers for each person and whoever has the bigger number wins. You will compare the same element in the array for each player, so comparing element 0 from array1 with element 0 from array2. Keep count of how many wins and display the persons name of the one who won. *in case of a tie, keep rolling a random number for each player and compare to see who wins...they may tie again so keep going till someone wins.

I'm not asking for you to do this for me, just point me in the right direction please. thank you
Your best bet is to give it a go, see how far you get and post when you get stuck.

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