I seem to have forgotten C++!

I used to be pretty decent at using C++, well, as far as a beginner goes... Apparently, after not have been doing it for so long, a couple of years actually, I forgot most of the syntax!

I went through a couple of college classes to learn this stuff.

Does anyone have any tips or anything like that to help refresh my memory?

Has this happened to you too? Or is it just me?
Well, you could skim over the tutorial here and see if you can remember anything.

Hasn't happened to me with programming...but that's because I use it occasionally. For calculus and stuff, yes. I don't even remember half the stuff I learned in that class, heh.
Yeah, sometimes, when I don't use it for a long time.

Reread this: http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/
At least some stuff will eventually get back to you.
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Ok, I will see if that helps, I really appreciate it! :)

And also, is Code::Blocks any good? I am SO used to using Microsoft Visual Studio for C++... The only reason I downloaded Code::Blocks is because it was pretty small, compared to Visual... Is it worth my time, and is it much different than Visual Studio?
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Code::Blocks is OK; its learning curve is not as steep as Visual Studio's. Also, Code::Blocks is shipped with GNU's C++ compiler whereas Visual Studio is shipped with Microsoft's C++ compiler, of course, you already knew that.

Other than the two aforementioned differences, Visual Studio and Code::Blocks are more or less the same except for the integrated GUI builder that Visual Studio has.

Actually, no I didn't know that, Framework :P lol!

I appreciate the info... WOW... I forgot how much time and patience this took. Haha! But it's fun at the same time! ^_^
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