Should I think about Github?

Hey there, I was browsing on lifehacker and noticed that there is an application called "Github." I looked into it and noticed that it's for projects with collaboration.

As a beginner in programming, I was wondering if I am ready to use such a program.

Anyways, any feedback will be appreciated.

I don't know which app did you see, but is a large project dedicated to code hosting. You can use it to collaborate with somebody to create, but you also can use it as a code hosting to access your code from everywhere (There even is online code editor). I didn't mention automated backups, and other useful things.
GitHub is a great place to learn programming. is my home page, since I'm interested in game developing, and I found out there are a lot of things I have to learn:
Design Patterns
Scripting in Lua and Python
How to configure project files
Network Programming

Poor me, With C++, OpenGL and SDL I'm just at the beginning of the road :(

IMHO open source is the best way to learn real programming.
If you are interested in game programming like me, I have the following links for you:

Hope this helps

Thank you for the feedback. Yeah I guess I had the wrong idea for what GitHub is and it's function. I didn't even know it had a online code editor(awesome)!

Anyways, I will look more into this GitHub and add it to my list of sources to learn programming.

Again, thank you again both of you guys.
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