do while

Can someone help me please?
her is my problem i have to put a message FULL. I dont't know hoe to do this. I think i want to do while this can someone translate it to do while and have a message if the X is full.
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Please use code tags to post. It's very hard to read nestings the way you've posted. I'm not sure how much you've learnt, but the best way to deal with this is to create a datatype like struct Aeroplane { char **seats; ... };

I understand that you want to check if all seats are full, and print a message saying FULL right?

Well, I think '*' and 'X' means empty? if it does then you can simply loop through the entire thing, check if any * or X exists. If it doesn't, then seats are full, and you can cout << "FULL";

Consider including comments in your code next time.
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