Do you learn to code quality code?

I was just wondering if you learn to write better and more simple code as you develop more advanced? Or do you need to practice it in a special way? I am a beginner to c++, and I just made a TIC-TAC-TOE game. I believe I could've coded the game in a much simpler way than I did already. But I believe it is okay to JUST code to make it work as a beginner right?

A famous quote in programming is something like: "There is always a better more simple way to work around a problem". Right?

But I have the problem I use ALOT of if- else if - else statements. But I try ti mix it up with switch statements too.

Anyways here is my tic-tac-toe game. Is it normal it reaches 250 lines FULL of code?:

[CODE TOO BIG TO BE POSTED, it reaches the limit of 8192 characters].
depends on how often you have to use it, if anyone gives you advice, if you have to use it on a descent level.

pretty much the same as with any language imo. there are people that live in a country and still dont speak the language after 10 year, others are good after ~1-2 years. works for programming languages too.
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