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i was wondering that why every time i watch some tutorials when they start to type something they have this little drop down help and I don t.
for example they type
vector <int> v1

v1. ===> right here they get drop down help like
and so on and so on.. everything they can use with vector

I am using dev c++ and when i installed it sometimes it did the same thing for me.. but not always. and now i would like to know why it doesn t drop down at all any time at anything.

did i accidentally changed something in options?? or why.. and yes i downloaded lot s of stuff to it but it was in help->about dev-> find actualization->check for updates and i downloaded something from there. do you thing that it is because of that??

and i have microsoft visual c++ 2010 express downloaded from their home page and it doesn t do almost anything there either?? do I need to set something so it works fine??

I hope you guys understand me because english is not my native language but hopefully everything is understadable.
thank you.
It's typically called "intellisense" or "autocomplete". Most IDEs have that functionality built in. It's possible it got disabled somehow.

Anyway... I found this by googling. Maybe try walking through this and see if it fixes the problem?

*shameless IDE advertising incoming*

Oh, they are probably using CodeBlocks, which is a pretty good IDE, btw.
ok nice one thanks. because I didn t know that it is called intellisense and yes it helped me actually to get to that setting but everything is chcecked as it suppose to be..

but on the bottom of window of visual c++ is written intelliSense: 'Unavailable for C++/CLI'

so I don t know about that one.. but in dev c++ I can t even find anything like that.. and 95 % i am working in that one. :(

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