C++ mini projects with visual studio 2010

I was finding if there is any link have the same things as

which use gcc code:block compiler to run all the projects where I am using visual studio 2010 so I hope to find mini projects which use visual studio compiler so I can those code and learn from there.
Codeblocks is not a compiler it's an IDE. Similarly Visual Studios is also an IDE. Both of these IDEs come with compilers I believe codeblocks uses MinGW but you can specify it to use one it doesn't come with. Visual Studio uses the microsoft made version I think but I'm pretty sure you can specify it to use a different one using an extension.
A compiler is something like gcc or the equivalent windows version MinGW.
You can do those projects in Visual studio.
Hi sysopfb,

Thank you for your reply.So you mean I can either use my visual studio point to using MinGW to compile the codes ? If my visual studio dont have MinGW so i have to install 1st?
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