How much c++ do I have to learn to make games

I am a 12 year old programmer. I have had experience with java and I want to know how much c++ should I learn if I want to make a 2d game like a rpg. I made a text base one.
All of it. :) The real question you should be asking is.. once you have a solid understanding of C++, which API's should you learn?

Well! Now that you've asked, I will tell you~ Most games these days use OpenGL or DirectX for their 3D games. For 2D games OpenGL and/or SDL is often used. I've been playing around with SDL these days and it looks promising for 2D game development.

Though really, high-end games add more obfuscation to these API's and use their own engines (which often have their own scripting languages). A good example is the Unreal engine.

Also if you're looking into mobile platform game development, Java is very useful to know/learn.
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