Alphabet Swapping

Hello, I am new to this forum as well as to basically any form of programming. I have recently signed up for a programming class in my school. During the first lesson the teacher explains what we will be doing this year and then without even giving us a brief explanation of any basic commands tells us to write a program in C++ using CodeBlocks's Console Application that replaces any typed in letter with it's opposite in the alphabet (as in for example a is switched to z; b is replaced with y; etc), for the next class. I have no idea why does he think I must have some prior experience with C++ considering I signed up for a basic programming class but he seems to think so either way.

So I was hoping that someone could perhaps show me how a command/script like this would look. And it is not just a single letter that it's supposed to replace but all the letters in an entire word or sentence.
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well first welcome. second we cant do homework for you. third try first by writing pseudo code. for example:

<face palm>
but you dont know how to write code at all do you? sorry my bad. i suggest read a tutorial to get the basics then come back
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