Anybody know anything about Scene Graphs?

I have created a class which represents polygons made of lists of vertices. I need to create a scene graph to handle rotations, scales, and translations of these vertices.
Here's the exact mission: Implement a modifiable scene graph structure for transforming your polygons. This is best achieved using a structure with pointers. You’ll want to provide ways to handle adding and removing any node from the scene graph. Strongly consider using STL Lists.
• Rotation: The user should be able to change the rotation angle.
• Scale: The user should be able to change the scale in the x and y directions (separately)
• Translation: The user should be able to change x and y displacements (separately).
While (as its name implies) a scene graph is a graph, for this assignment, it’s okay if your structure for efficiency or ease of programming purposes only supports trees.

I am not asking for anyone to create this scene graph for me. I just want an direction because I am new to C++ and have little knowledge of this scene graph thing.

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