What does this mean?

Hello, can you tell me what does this mean
int A[] = { 66,55,444,33,22,111};
n = sizeof(A)/sizeof(int);

And what's sizeof(int)?
It is a definition of an array and initialization of it with values in braces.
sizeof( int ) is the size in bytes of an object of type int.
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So basically
n = 6/ 32767?
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no. Sizeof returns the size in bytes.

So assuming an int is 4 bytes:

sizeof(A) == 24 (array of 6 ints, each 4 bytes)
sizeof(int) == 4 (size of a single int)

sizeof(A) / sizeof(int) == 6 (the number of elements in the array).

Though this is a poor way to determine the array size because it is error prone (it will not work as expected if 'A' is a pointer).
n = sizeof(A)/sizeof(int);

This will give you the total elements in the array.

sizeof( A ) - Total elements of( typically ) 4 bytes.
sizeof(int); - Again, typically 4 bytes for an int.

I say 'typically' because it can vary from computer to computer.

So, 5 elements of type int would be 5 * 4 = 20 bytes.

So the above code:
n = elements * 4 bytes / type int( 4 bytes ) = total elements in the array.

Hope you understand that. (:

Faster at typing, Disch? lol.
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Thank you all.
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