Q -printf() is part of code segment but found in data segment.......why?
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I'm not sure your question makes any sense without some more context. This almost sounds like this is out of a text book, where they would have just talked about this in the chapter before the question or something. Could you elaborate a little more?
A is part of B but is found in B.

Not sure if you wrote that wrong because it sounds very obvious. I think printf is in the code segment because all code is in the code segment, right?
Perhaps he made a typo and is actually confused about how it's used but not found in the code?

This is because it's in <cstdio> (stdio.h)

Look for #include <cstdio> or #include <stdio.h> at the top of the program - it's in there.
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sorry my mistake Q is

printf() is part of code segment but found in data segment why?
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