How to learn c or cpp?

I am a java programmer, but i want to be work with c or cpp, i don't know what should i do.
Learning c++ is probably the best thing to do. A lot of things will look like java. You can use c in c++ most of the times. I'd recommend c++
i second mausy131. C++ is a great language to learn, its easier to accomplish things in c++ than it is in C.
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C++ is much better then C like others have said and if you want to learn it here is some broad steps and tips.

Since you know java already it will be much easier for you.

1) Read through a beginner book or tutorial (Like the one on this site) until you understand all the basics. The basics are variables and types, control structures, loops, functions, classes, conditionals. This should not take long with previous java experience.

2) Make sure you are making plenty of projects while you are learning to reinforce what you have learned.

3) After the basics move onto the more advance stuff like polymorphism, inheritance, using the Standard template library, installing other libraries and using them, exception handling, ect. Get a good grounding in these things.

4) Practice building more programs.

5) After you got all that under your belt start looking into what you like to do in programming. Some people like networking, some people like game development, some like graphics, some like audio, some like AI, the list goes on and on. Find what you like and take it from there.

6) Do more programs

7) Keep doing more programs

8) Oh and did I mention keep coding more programs?
You have to keep in mind that objects in C++ and objects in Java are quite different. C++ will not be as nice to you, it kind of leaves you on your own in most situations. But it's a good language and everyone should be familiar with it.
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