compile c++ code in win 7 using turbo 3.0 syntax?

i want to compile code like this

void main()

i need compiler/ide that can compile code like this without changing its syntax and can be run in win 7 64 bit
also if anyone know how to compile c++ code in borland 5.02 in win 7 64 bit
i run c code in borland 5.02 but no luck running c++ code.
First, you're going to need to find a flux capacitor... and a DeLorean.
tjnapster555 I would recommend MinGW developer studio for you, it compiles not just c++ codes but c codes too.
Good luck
In the past I've been involved with maintaining code that was written using an obsolete compiler. That's possible up to a point, but sooner or later there are compelling reasons to move on and use the latest compiler.

I'd highly recommend doing just that.
guys i am studying now that's why we need to stick with old syntax i know new syntax but i need compiler that can compile turbo 3.0 syntax code
and i don't now why borland turbo 5.02 cannot compile c++ cod but it can compile c code of old syntax
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