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Im almost finished with the tutorial (dont worry, Im going to make sure I understand all of it as well), but ive done some research and have seen SDL as the top choice for making games. Ive seen other stuff like OpenGL and SFML. Im not sure what I should choose. I dont want to choose one that does too much for me, because the first reason I got into C++ was because I liked figure out what was wrong, and more importantly write code! From my point of view I think OpenGL would be better. Lastly, what happens after the tutorial? Have I basically learned all the core subjects of the language, and just have to use more advanced methods with them? Or is there more to learn?

I think the best choice for you now is SFML:
- it is in C++ (and SDL isn't)
- it is quite easy to learn and use (OpenGL is more difficult)
- you can use OpenGL together with SFML (then you use SFML for audio, window management and input)
My favourite is SDL, but both SDL and SFML has similar functionality of 2D graphics, sound, keyboard input, etc.

OpenGL is more low-level and harder to use, but you can do 3D with it. It's only a graphics library but you can use it together with SDL or SFML if you want.

SDL and OpenGL are C libraries so they can be used both in C and C++. SFML is a C++ library.

After you have read the tutorials on this site you still have a lot to learn. Reading a good book is probably the best way to learn. I have heard a lot of good things about C++ Primer and Accelerated C++, but I have never read them so I can't say.
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alright, thanks guys
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