I need help with a program?

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Why can't you paste your code here? Just use the code tag then copy and pasta.
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@ravenshade I can't I'm sorry it would be great if you could help?
Instead of posting all your code - just post the part you have a problem with.

When you do, don't forget the code tags - use the <> on the right on the format menu.

Also post any compiler errors you have in full, and lets us know which line number is which.

And, look at the documentation & reference info at the top left of this page - there is a beginners tutorial that covers lots of things.

Finally - Google

Hope all goes well.
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hey would you able to help me please? Send me a message if you are, I am a beginner and I am desperate for help, I only have tonight? It would mean so much to me? I am a college freshmen struggling with this code..
I don't work that way - you post some code - we are happy to help from there.
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@TheIdeasMan thanks anyways!! I can't...
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