looking for simple/basic client server application

i have looked at loads of websites but i just can't find code for a simple client server application using a console application (visual studios).

I just want an application where:
server waits for connections
client connects to server
server accepts connection

i then want to build on this and have the client get the server's ip address but this part can't happen til i build the client server.

can someone please link some simple source code files or websites? the easier the better
Are you talking socket level?
sorry i'm new at this. what do you mean?
Socket programming is lower level network programming. That is, it doesn't use any higher level libraries, such as boost or SFML/Network. Sockets are what allow two machines to communicate.

In a Windows implementation, you'd rely on the WinSock library. For *nix, it'd be socket.h.

If you're looking at this level, the below website is a good resource. It's a lot to read through and can be a little difficult to follow at times, but if you persevere, you should get it.

Most socket tutorials you'll find are a little messy. That's usually because socket programming is fairly messy in itself. A lot of people will recommend using a higher level library to avoid to woes of socket programming. Personally, I think it's worth a go as it'll give you a better insight as to how communication works.

Here's the site: http://cs.baylor.edu/~donahoo/practical/CSockets/

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i don't really care if its sockets or using high level libraries, i just a simple client server program thats easy to understand and just does the basic things ie the things i mentioned in the first post
Take a look at SFML networking or boost then. Plenty of code and tutorials on both.

i already looked at these tutorials and they didn't help
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