Reading in a binary file but looking for decimal character

I'm given code that reads in a file in binary. I can access any character in the
binary file as a position in an array, for example:

ReadFile thefile("TestFile.bin");

cout << thefile[3] << endl;

would output the 4th character in this binary file.

I need to read this file through, and output how many characters in it are of a
certain decimal value, for example, decimal value 65 == A.

How might I read in a binary file yet look for a decimal value? If a loop is used
checking thefile[i] reports back the actual character, not the
decimal value of that character. So I'm not sure how to count how many instances
of decimal 65 occur in the file?
A character is a number, they just often don't get treated as such. Just think of it as an 8-bit integer and it will make sense to you (because that's actually how it is)
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