what is the pb here

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;
void swap(int a, int b)
int t;

cout << "x ="<< a <<" & "<< "y ="<< b << endl;
int main()

int temp;
int x=5,y=10;
cout << "x ="<< x <<" & "<< "y ="<< y << endl;
swap( x, y);

cout << "x ="<< x <<" & "<< "y ="<< y << endl;

return 0;

thank you
it works with pointers and without void. but that case doesnt work.!!
You need to pass by reference.
void swap( int &a, int &b )
this works as well.. but why what I wrote is incorrect !!!
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You're using the solution as it is because you can't 'return' two variables from a function, just the one, so you have to pass them around by reference rather than by value (which is more of a copy function).

If you could return two variables...it would look something like this

int swap ( int x , int y )
   return ( int y , int x );  //This isn't possible however. 

You MIGHT be able to use a list or an an array to achieve something similar but it's easier and more efficient to just pass by ref.
void is not function ... it seems procedure in turbo pascal...
so it can return many values ..I think
No, it can't.

void denotes that the function won't return a value.
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