cannot open file

I'm trying to open a file with fstream but is_open always returns false. What are the possible reasons for the file not being created?

fstream myfile; ("students.txt", fstream::in | fstream::out );

    if (!myfile.is_open())

students.txt might not be in the same working directory as your application.
IIRC open( in|out ); does not create the file.
you need to open( out );
Ok Thank you, now is working, but to insert data in the file, just open (out); going to work?
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Yes fstream::in means that you want to read from the file, where as fstream::out means you want to write to the file.

Just remember if you open the file associated to a fstream with out mode, but not in mode specified the file is truncated.
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Ok the fact of being truncated, does not matter, because do not want to save information.
What I want, is to create a file that does not exist, type text to read (because I need to do data validation) and enter information.

So what do I need to put in order to perform these actions?
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