Next step ??

I have read and practiced through the C++ Language Tutorial of this site:
Now I have a very basic knowledge of C++.

My question is what should be the next step?
I would like to work as a C++ programmer sooner or later.

But now I am at the very beginning of this thing.
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Well if you feel you ahve a good understand of the basics of C++ I would give you 2 suggestions.

1) Think up a small to medium sized project you want to create (Like a calculator, Chat Client, Mini game) anything that won't be to hard and time consuming. After you got that start researching how to build it. You will find that it will have to keep putting the project on hold to learn a new thing to implement into the project. That is how you learn and progress. This is basically just diving right in.


2) Pick a specific subject of programming you like and want to do (Games, Networking, GUI's, Artificial Intelligence, Business software, Encryption, Storage, and much more) basically pick 1 or 2 you like and buy a good book or 2 on them. Usually you will find tutorials on the advance stuff are kind of short or very bad (At least that is my opinion). Read through that book and remember to keep programming stuff while doing it cause that is how you learn. After you understand your new subject you should know where you want to go from there.

But the KEY thing is to keep programming as much as you can and as many projects as you can. Programming is one of those things where you just can't learn everything from a book or tutorial.
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thanks for your answers

I feel so that I understand the very basics of C++.
I did and do only console codes.

Writing a calculator, Chat Client, Mini game sounds a bit hard for me at the moment.
(Okay, calculator, maybe I can write simple things, conversion dec<->bin, power function etc.)

You are right I need books to learn more advanced things.

Learning by doing is a good practice. ;)
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