completely stuck on this array problem for c

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Write a main program allows the user to enter three coefficients of a quadratic equation. The main program passes the coefficients to the function. Write the function that finds and prints roots of the quadratic equation.
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What have you tried?
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int count 1;
double a,b,c,disc,real,img,r1,r2;
while (count<=5)
printf("Enter three values:");
scanf("%lf %lf %lf", &a &b &c);
printf("r1=%2f r2=%2f", r1,r2);
else if (disc==0){
printf("r1=r2= %.2f",r1);
printf("roots are %.2f + j%2f, %2f-j%2f");\
real, img, real, img);
count = count +1;
return 0;
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I can't figure out what to put into the function to return to the main program.
You should repost that inside codetags.
Assignment doesn't say the function has to return anything to main.
It says the function should "find and print the roots".

PLEASE USE CODE TAGS (the <> formatting button) when posting code. It makes it easier to read your code and also makes it easier to respond to your post.

Also, please post complete functions. The code you posted is not compilable.
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