C++ nested while loop triangles

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You might have seen this in the other forum, but i just wanted to see some other answers, since the ones that I have been receiving were not what I was hoping for...
I am trying to make triangles in nested while loops.

The triangles were:
********** \\ I have made a code for this:

int counter=1;

while (counter<=10){

int counter2=1;

while (counter2<counter){







I was not quite sure about this one.
Please provide me with the correct answer, I really appreciate it :)
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Just reverse the method you have made to get the first triangle and replace the spaces with dashes. Give us what you have so far for triangle 2.
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Hi, I used the dashes on purpose for a space effect because when I tried to type it in, it always set it up to the side. Also, i think it might be a little more complicated than just reversing it, if it was just reflected from the first triangle, the code would have been similar to:

int counter=10 ;

while (counter>=1) {

int counter2=1;

while (counter2 <counter){
counter2=counter2 +1;


but because the triangle is reflected twice, it's a little more difficult for me.
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I'm sorry if this seems like a very simple question, but this is my first year learning programming, so i really appreciate those who are taking their time to help me with this :)
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