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hello everyone,
I need help. i made a console c++ program using dev c++. the program solves equation and output some coefficients in a text files. when i compile everything works good. In the output folder, i copy paste the executable in my desktop, run it, and i realize that coefficient in the txt files are wrong. while compiling, it was correct. i don't understand why please help me. I am using EIGEN too

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plz post code tiffany. and note: put your code in between [ code ] tags. they are the <> button in the format section
Thank you for answering. the code is huge around 100 lines.
i changed my problem by switching to this command:

X = coef.fullPivLu().solve(V);

with coef, X and V matrices. and using the EIGEN include to solve linear equation. is there another way to solve linear equation ?? eve after solving my problem the values differ from what i should get.

Thank you for answering. the code is huge around 100 lines.

:+D Don't worry about posting 100 LOC, people here frequently post much more than that. Also there are sites like pastebin at which you can post lots of code - just provide a link to it in your post.

Having said that, one only needs to post the relevant bits - declaration, definition and the context of how it is called.

Also, if you have compiler errors, post them in full or at least show the lines number they refer to.

Sorry not help with your problem - I have forgotten how to do Eigen values, but you could have a look on wiki, or Google.

Finally, there is lots of reference info at the top left of this page - for some reason people seem to miss this.

Any way - Good luck with your coding !! :D

Edit: I forgot to mention the debugger - which is usually the best way of discovering run time problems.
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