can anyone help me with this

Cindy uses the services of a brokerage firm to buy and sell stocks. The firm
charges 1.5% service charges on the total amount for each transaction, buy
or sell. When Cindy sells stocks, she would like to know if she gained or
lost on a particular investment. Write a program that allows Cindy to input
the number of shares sold, the purchase price of each share, and the selling
price of each share. The program outputs the amount invested, the total
service charges, amount gained or lost, and the amount received after selling
the stock.
We can't help unless you show us what you have done and/or ask a specific question. I'm sure you DON'T want someone to just give you the solution right???
I just want to know how can I make the user input the purches and selling of each share and what is the equation of the amount gained or lost , just the steps not the the program
please can anyone help me with this question
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